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Taleem Overview

Taleem has a prime focus in improving the educational process in the early stages of young generations learning, through a clear vision and direction to provide unprecedented quality of education that will reflect on the outcome of the students.

The major client base is expected to be in the mid-income group of citizens. The values of all subsidiaries are strictly committed and governed by “Taleem’s” main concept:

Achieving the highest standard in every aspect of their work.

Commitment to insure sufficient resources (human resources, facilities and tools) that allow each subsidiary to invest in developing its own internal processes and deliverables continuously, to improve quality of their target audience experience.
Establishing alliances and partnerships with local and international education organization.

Centralized facilities and services to allow subsidiaries (investment) to concentrate on their core services and maintain quality excellence.

Utilize successful international education concepts and work on localizing them.

Passing Taleem’s social responsibilities commitment to its subsidiaries. (Investments).

Avoid business practices that have negative effects on the education quality.

Trust: Strong believe and devotion to our commitment throughout daily tasks.
Authentic: Creating innovative approach, in order to, sustain genuine attitude among competitors.
Leading: Aspiring to remain in the front, Taleem shall lead the private education industry.
Excellance: Executing; high quality methods in education resources and output.
Ethics: Maintain Equitable, ethical and professional approach in all practices
Momentum: Continuously strive to create, and employ the most advanced technology, processes, systems and practices.
Taleem Management Team
Mohammed A. Rasheed (PhD) Chairman
Ahmed M. Rasheed President
Dr. Abdul-Aziz Al-Horr Senior Education Adviser
Dr. Ismail Farahat International Education Advisor
Raad Mardini VP Business Development
Ali Kobeissi VP Finance & Education Development Consultant
Osama Rasheed VP Communication